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Winalite Global Company

USA Winalite US anion sanitary napkin Love moonUSA Winalite Canada You can order and buy Anion Sanitary Napkin Love Moon products lovemoonCanada      Europe Deutschland Winalite DE Germany Love Moon Damenbinden werden in Sets verkauft БЪЛГАРИЯ WINALITE BULGARIA София Варна Бургас Пловдив Стара Загора Русе Плевен Добрич Сливен Шумен Winalite Israel Виналайт Израиль Купить анионовые прокладки LOVE MOON anion Хайфа Иерусалим Тель-Авив ашдод бизнес ешувы UK Winalite anion sanitary napkin Love moon pads Winalite в Українi анионовые прокладки Love MoonWINALITE Ελλάδα Σήμερα οι σερβιέτες «Love Moon» δεν έχουν ανάλογα όχι μόνο ως πραγματικά άνετο προϊόν υγιεινής αλλά και ως υποβοηθητικό μέσο για την πρόληψη πολλών γυναικείων νόσων Эстония Winalite Estonia анионовые прокладки Love Moon Winalite in Czech Republic Praha Česká republiká Anion sanitary napkin Love moon Russia Winalite RU компания Виналайт Россия анионовые прокладки Love moon 

"WINALITE - SUCCESS UNLIMITED" is a model of Success that has been proven and tested thousands of times. Many people have achived success through this system and who are the best evidence: wealth is in somewhere their reach!

Winalite Corporate Vision

To help others create a life of ultimate freedom by nurturing a force of love in this world and by providing career opportunities that cares for consumers as well as healthcare products that are innovative and a corporate culture that stresses on spiritual values.

Winalite Mission

To make Winalite a top international brand name and one of the top 500 companies in the world by forming a group of top management as well as marketing elites around the world and by synergizing the latest techniques in healthcare technology and e-commerce.

Winalite Global Company

The Corporation WINALITE INTERNATIONAL is part of the largest international group, working on the world market since 1989 and situated on the territory of China.

Winalite products

In 2007 The company withdrew to the market a revolutionary product - the range of female anion sanitary napkins "LOVE MOON", created using nanotechnology, which combines the unique medicinal properties and totally democratic price affordable to every customer! Thanks to the company WINALITE, women around the world have received effective tool for daily maintenance and control of their health. The result appears on the market anion sanitary napkins "LOVE MOON" exceeded all expectations - for the first year the company made a record turnover of 300 million dollars!

But the company does not intend to stop there. Shortly reinforced with a new range of products - the market will do a range of products based on the anions: different clothes, diapers for children and other hygiene products of recreation areas. To date, the company WINALITE with great success working in 70 countries in South-East region, Europe (UK, DE,Italy, Hungary,  Germany), North America (USA, Canada), CIS countries (Russia, Ukraine, Kazahstan), South America, Africa where thousands of people already know about anion sanitary napkins "LOVE MOON" and other company's products and look forward to it. 

The company WINALITE put on the market products that are selling anytime and anywhere, and which needs every woman, regardless of status and age!  It is absolutely LIQUIDITY, OUTSTANDING consumer properties and reasonable price, multiplied by the enormous potential of the most effective to date economic system-Network Marketing make WINALITE most promising business proposal on the market! 

Join us

We invite business people from Europe, America and Canada and around the world to our international team to open new markets! There is a unique opportunity to bring the first commercial brand in the territory of different countries and continents and to have a permanent share of the profits from the company's turnover!


THE BUSINESS just beginning - SO JOIN US!




Winalite Global

Europe market : RU Russia, DE Deutschland, UK, Italy. American market: USA, Canada. Asian market: China, Phillipines

company products. - Anion Sanitary napkins "Love Moon" 

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WINALITE Com, China, Russia, USA, Canada, UK, DE, India, Africa   winalite-web@hotmail.com

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