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India Branch "Living the Dreams Event"


India team arranged a fabulous mega event at Bangalore on 18th and 19th of January. The main theme of the event was 2013 plan roll out and Winmeta launch.

About 100 leaders from across the country gathered enthusiastically at Bangalore resort for a 2 day one night mega event. The event was a runaway success with many new leaders from competing companies joining us for starting their Winalite business. Also many old Winaliters came back to join with renewed energy and positive enthusiasm to restart their Winalite business.

The new modified promotion plan was welcomed with open arms and great cheer with all leaders. They were super excited and many called this promotion plan as a rebirth of a global giant in India - right on the track to become No 1 direct selling Company in India in the years to come. 

Winmeta roll out was a super exciting session with many leaders booking dozens of boxes on the very same day.

The team spirit, enthusiasm, positivity and winning attitude was seen all over the venue.

Leaders also enjoyed the evening with a cultural show followed by a sumptuous pool side dinner at the resort

With this roll out, India team is confident of breaking all records and setting the path for Global Giant Winalite to be THE number One choice direct selling Company in India

India management would like to express sincere thanks to all leaders for participating, sharing their views and making this event a Mega success. 

Special compliments from India management to dynamic and winning team members Mr. Louis, Mr. Thunder, Ms. Nevarani, Mr. Pradeep, Mr. Gireesh, Ms. Hema, Ms .Sridevi, Mr. Vinay, Mr. Lathif and Mr. Nanjunda with their hard work and dedication India is all set for a rocking 2013.


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