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In March of 2007, 40 Winalite donated “Mother Health Express” ran to places all over China to help people who were suffering. Winalite International had already donated more than 10 million RMB in poverty support and women health projects.

January 29th 2007, the commencing ceremony of Winalite International, "Embrace the glory, sail our dream", was held magnificently in GuangZhou.

In March of 2009, in the activity of 'pass love to women, care for health' co-hosted by Winalite International and China Women Development Fund Committee, Winalite donated 10 millions RMB worth of sanitary napkin product to non-profit organizations like national and regional Women Association, red cross etc. The activity was simultaneously launched in nearly 30 provinces and 100 cities in China.


February 10th 2009, Chen HuaiDe donated 200,000RMB to Caring Committee in Shenzhen City as the operation fee for Nai BiHong, a girl who suffers cataract.

February 1st 2009, Winalite International’s American branch commenced the test run.

January 14th 2009, during the activity hosted by Caring Committee in Shenzhen City, Winalite International donated 100,000RMB to Shenzhen Caring Committee for poverty support.


January 11th 2009, in the charity activity of industrial region in ShenZhen City, Winalite ShenZhen stockists donated 15,000RMB to 5 underprivileged workers as new year ‘lucky money’.


January 10th 2009, Winalite International Japan branch commenced the test run.

January 10th 2009, Winalite International donated 8000RMB as tuition fee to support 8 underprivileged students in Anhui University, Anqing University, Tongling University.
January 3rd 2009, the 2009 annual global meeting of Winalite International was held Qifu Hotel, Guangzhou.

January 1st 2009, stockists of Winalite International in ZhaoXing region donated 43,000RMB worth of ‘love moon’ anion sanitary napkin to ZhaoXing Charity Committee.


In late December of 2008, the Winalite radiation prevention card was officially put into market.

December 28th 2008, in the activity of boundaryless love-Winalite China ChangSha campaign of educational support’co-hosted by Winalite International and? ZhongNan University in Party Committee Hall in Hunan Province, Winalite International donated 99,000RMB as tuition fee for 33 underprivileged university students.

December 27th 2008, in the activity of boundaryless love-Winalite China Shanghai campaign of educational support’ co-hosted by Winalite International and? Shanghai Putuo region ethnic group committee in Shanghai trade center, Winalite International donated 100,000RMB as tuition fee for 50 underprivileged university students.


December 21st 2008, in the activity of boundaryless love-Winalite China Chongqing campaign of educational support’ co-hosted by Winalite International and Chongqing Charity Committee in Chongqing International exhibition center, Winalite International donated 80,000RMB as tuition fee for 80 underprivileged university students in Chongqing Business School.


December 19th 2008, in the Winalilte commendatory evening dancing and singing party co-hosted by Winalite International and Butterfly Valley Women Association in Wuzhou Cultural Center, Winalite donated 20,000RMB and 21,500RMB worth of ‘love moon’ sanitary napkin to 20 unemployed and underprivileged women.


December 13th 2008, in the activity of boundaryless love-Winalite China ZhengZhou campaign of educational support’ co-hosted by Winalite International and Henan Charity Committee in Great Hall of the People, Winalite International donated 60,000RMB for 30 underprivileged students as tuition fee.


December 7th 2008, in the activity of boundaryless love-Winalite China HuaiFang campaign of educational support’ co-hosted by Winalite International and HuaiFang Hope Project Office in HuaiFang City Stadium, Winalite donated 100,000RMB as tuition fee for 25 underprivileged students in HuaiFang College, HuaiFang University, Nudong University, JiNing University.

December 4th 2008, in the activity of ‘boundaryless love-Winalite China Shenyang campaign of educational support’ held in Shenyang Locomotive Stadium, co-hosted by Winalite International, Shandong Next Generation Care Committee and Shandong Educational Fund Committee, Winalite donated 100,000RMB as tuition fee for 50 underprivileged students in Jinan University.

On 3rd and 4th of 2008, the Taipei and Gaoxiong branch of Winalite International in Taiwan Province sequentially started business.

In December of 2008, the ‘Winalite diaper’ co-developed by Winalite International and ZhongShan Medical University was officially on sales.
December 2008, in the appraisal activity hosted by national high-tech quality control committee, Winalite was elected as ‘national standard model company of quality control’, President Chen HuaiDe was elected as ‘national quality control supervisor’.

From November 30th to December 1st 2008, in the forum of 2008 non-store marketing CEO, Winalite was elected as the e-commerce brand with the most potential in 2008.

November 29th 2008, Winalite Peru branch launched the commencing ceremony.

November 28th 2008, invited by International Oversea Chinese Committee, Winalite president Chen HuaiDe accepted the three year duty of vice-president of the league. Correspondingly , Winalite International became the vice-president company of the league.


The evening of November 26th 2008, the final of 2008 Winalite Baby Contest was held in Butterfly Valley Hotel in Foshan.


November 23rd 2008, Winalite President Chen HuaiDe presented in the charity evening party to celebrate the founding of starlight team in lion association, donated 130,000RMB for the cataract cure project.


November 22nd to 24th 2008, in the seminar of‘21st century Chinese culture of global forum- cultural and social build’ which was held in JiNan University, Winalite International donated 300,000 RMB for the purpose of promoting Chinese culture and formulating harmonious society.

In early November 2008, Winalite International’s newest product-‘love moon’ lipstick entered the Taiwan market, Winalite Taiwan branch hosted the product news press in major cities Gaoxiong, Taizhong, Taipei.

In October 2008, Winalite business cell-phone was officially on sales.


October 29th 2008, Winalite International as Guangzhou oversea Chinese federation outstanding member cooperation, gained special attention, a group of people formed by Guangzhou People's Congress foreign affair committee, oversea Chinese foreign affair special group, Yuexiu council, leaders from Yuexiu oversea Chinese committee visited the headquarter of Winalite.


October 25th2008, the campaign of "Love in heart, boundaryless love- Winalite (China) education support, Shenyang Charity meeting" was held in Shenyang Locomotive Stadium. During the event, Winalite International donated 10 thousand RMB to Shenyang University through Liaoling Province Education Fund Committee, which would be used as a year's tuition fee for 20 underprivileged students. The campaign has only been the first step for supporting underprivileged university students in Liaoling. According to the agreement between Winalite International and Liaoling Education Fund Committee, in the next 3 years, Winalite International would annually donate 10 thousand RMB to the committee for educational support.


In the evening of October 17th 2008, "Together with you"-the night gathering of 10.17 international poverty eradication day was held in Beijing, Winalite International donated 1 million RMB in the way of bidding in action, used for the charity project of "New Great Wall Sunshine Playground".

In the morning of October 17th 2008, in order to commend the companies that contributed significantly in poverty support and social events, the vice minister of state council Hui Liangyu, Had a warm conversation with Chen and 20 other warm hearted company representatives.
October 17th, in the campaign of "the honor of 2008, China social event pioneer", co-hosted by China poverty support fund committee, CCTV news channel, China fortune magazine association, Winalite International was awarded the honorary title of "2008 China social event pioneer".

October 17th, in the anti-poverty activity of "China rural area informationized poverty support international forum" hosted by state council poverty support department, China poverty support development committee, central committee of CPC, was held in Beijing. Chen HuaiDe, vice president of China poverty support department committee, the president of Winalite International and Luo Chao, the global executive CEO of HongKong Success Unlimited System Ltd, were invited to formulate strategies for China rural area poverty support.


October 7th 2008, Winalite International stockists in ShanDong province donated 60,000RMB to Nudong University as 10 underprivileged students’ 4 year tuition.

October 7th 2008, the main product of Winalite International "love moon" anion sanitary napkin (daytime use, nighttime use, pantyliners) was awarded the CE certificate by European Union, which means the product's sales and marketing was permitted in European market.
September 8th to 11th 2008, Winalite International and China Poverty Support and Development Committee participated the 12th China International Investment Fair together.

September 5th 2008, the opening ceremony of Winalite International Mid-autumn love giving charity event was held in Guangzhou, symbolizing the official commence of campaign "1356 Winalite Mid-autumn Love giving project" with the theme of "round moon, family union, happy Mid-autumn". The campaign would launch simultaneously in 130 cities all over China. During this event, Wnalite donated 56 thousand boxes of moon cake which worth 6 million RMB, to earthquake victims, including single seniors, orphans, disables and other social groups that in dire need of helps.


September 3rd 2008, Chen HuaiDe, the president of Winalite International, participated the 25th anniversary of Shenzhen University as "Outstanding Graduate", donated 1 million RMB to support the university development.

August 25th 2008, period 173 "fortune salon", issue 7 "LingNan cooperation grand forum" was held in Guangzhou, during the event, Chen and Luo from Winalite and 500 other council staffs, economists and specialists in the field explored the subject of problems shooting and innovation towards Guangdong foreign trade industry.

July 6th 2008, the opening ceremony of Russian branch in youth palace of Moscow symbolized Winalite International officially started business in Russian market..

July 3th 2008, the evening charity party of "love creates home-Yuexiu, Guangzhou supports the family rebuild of Fenchuan, earthquake area", hosted by Yuexiu area committee and council, held in Huang Hua Gang Stadium. Chen HuaiDe, chairman of Winalite International personally donated 500 thousand RMB to the Yuexiu charity.
In the morning of June 19th 2008, the press conference of "Internet Mom- hand in hand, Winalite International rebuilds the damaged souls in the earthquake zone" was held in Guangzhou Mansion.

From June 14th to August 3rd 2008, the Winalite charity commendatory meeting of "earthquake has no mercy, Winalite does" were sequentially held in Nanjing, Xian, Guangzhou, Wuhan, Kunming, Nanning, Yantai.


From June 7th to 11th 2008, the group consists of Chen HuaiDe, the chairman of Winalite, Hujing, the president of Winalite trading enterprise, representatives of China Poverty Fund Committee, Linli, Olympic champion, CCTV host Aqiu, the casting crew of the special programme "fulfill your dream 2008, enter the earthquake zone" visits Fenchuan, the most disastrous area. June 11th, Winalite International sponsored the establishment of eighth level earthquake resistable wooden school-"Winalite New Great Wall Yu Bay Primary School"


May 30th 2008, Winalite International donated 2 million RMB worth of "love moon" anion sanitary napkin to Sichuan earthquake zone.


May 27th 2008, in the "hand in hand, family rebuild" charity meeting hosted by China poverty support committee, Chen HuaiDe proposed a toast with the double identities as vice-president of the committee and outstanding entrepreneur, on behalf of Winalite International, donated 10 million RMB, which would be used for the establishment of HOPE school in the earthquake zone. In the morning of May 28th, the chairman of CPPCC, Jia QingLin, warmly conversed with Chen in the CPPCC hall.


May 26th 2008, "love moon" special shampoo was officially out the market.

May 20th 2008, Winalite International donated 1 million RMB worth of "love moon" anion sanitary napkin product to Sichuan earthquake zone in direct delivery.

May 17th, Chen, chairman of Winalite, participated the earthquake charity meeting hosted by China poverty support fund committee, donated 5 million RMB and 3 million RMB worth of "love moon" anion sanitary napkin on behalf of Winalite International. Before that, under the leadership of him, the faculty of Winalite International has already started a series of campaign to support the earthquake victims, included opening an account special for quake zone support, setting up the support hotline for information and feedback, blood donating etc.


April 26th 2008, Winalite International Thailand Branch officially started business.


March 28th 2008, in the evening charity party of "peaceful love, affection spreading, co-found harmony" hosted by China poverty support fund committee, held in Shun Yat Sen memorial hall, Winalite donated 250 thousand RMB for the salvation projects of "emergency help", "safety 120 for mothers and children", "new great wall underprivileged students".

March 22nd 2008, the Winalite sanitary product Ltd, located in JiuWenBo, Chongqing, officially started running, which was the third factory of Winalite.
March 8th 2008, the campaign of "health and love- love moon, Chinese women health day", co-hosted by Winalite International and National Women Federation, was held simultaneously in more than 30 major cities in China.
From 15th to 21st of January 2008, Winalite put on the first exhibition of "Winalite love, Chinese paintings" in GuangZhou

January 15th 2008, the magnificent global annual meeting of 2008 was held in Panyu.


January 10th 2008, the commendatory meeting of "2007 poverty support of monthly donation project" was held in Great Hall of People, Beijing. During the meeting, Shenzhen Winalite Technology Ltd was awarded "2007 poverty support contributor", Chen HuaiDe was awarded the honorary title of "2007 poverty support charitarian"

In the afternoon of January 9th 2008, Chen HuaiDe participated the activity of "Entrepreneur Citizen Forum" in Beijing, Winalite International was awarded the title of "Outstanding Enterprise Citizen Model"

January 9th to 10th 2008, Chen HuaiDe, chairman of Winalite took part in the forum of international charity 2008 and awarded the title of "international charity contributor"

From 27th to 29th of December 2007, the commendatory meeting of "China Top 10 economy news makers" was held in Great Hall of People, Beijing. During the meeting, Chen HuaiDe was awarded the title of "top 100 outstanding businessmen in China economy 2007"

27th to 29th of November 2007, Winalite International's global meeting of "Mountain Climbing" was held in Macao.


November 17th 2007, Winalite International's Malaysia annual meeting was held.


October 17th 2007, in the event of "Together with you-the night gathering of 10.17 international poverty eradication day", Winalite International donated 5.5 million RMB in the way of bidding in action.

October 12th 2007, Chen HuaiDe was awarded operational the title vice president of Guangdong China culture research.

September 27th 2007, with the 850 thousand RMB sponsorship from Chen Huaide, chairman of Winalite, the establishment of HuaiDe support primary school in yushu, Qinghai Province was complete, he also donated 120 sets of stationery in the day.


From 11th to 12th 2007, Winalite International has got the certificate of "HongKong safety logo", awarded by HongKong safety authentication center.


July 23th 2007, the patriotic proclamation of Mr Chen HuaiDe, chairman of Winalite International was documentarily approved by China Patriotism Committee, which would be permanently engraved on the flagstone of patriotic contribution in Ju Rong Guan, Great Wall, Beijing.


May 27th 2007, in the commendatory evening meeting of China poverty support (issue 3), which was held in national council hall, Chen HuaiDe, chairman of Winalite donated 50 million RMB to China poverty support committee, which would be used as underprivileged student and private school support. In the evening meeting, Winalite was awarded "2006-2007 poverty support star enterprise", Chen was awarded the title of "2006-2007 poverty support star"


From 27th to 28th April 2007, the China media operational management forum was held in Beijing, co-hosted by national news literature publishing research center and Shenzhen Winalite International.


March 31st 2007, the opening ceremony of Winalite's Malaysia branch was held in Kuala Lumpur.

March 27th 2007, the production factory of Winalite International in Foshan, GuangDong officially started running.

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