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Are You Ready for a New Era in Healthcare?

Winalite International specializes in developing, manufacturing and marketing innovative healthcare products.

Winalite, Love Moon & Anion - The only sanitary napkins for women and diapers for babies that are food grade biodegradable, super absorbent, have negative ion odor & germ killing patented products.

"Winalite is cutting edge"
Negative ions have been proven to improve your health and well being...

Love Moon Sanitary Napkins enhances your daily health with our proprietary "negative ions" tape embedded within every single napkin.

These tapes release up to 5800 negative ions per cubic/cm which has been proven in numerous scientific studies to protect against genital diseases, eliminating harmful bacteria, odor, enhance comfort and improve your health.

Our sanitary napkins have also been awarded numerous international patents and prestigious awards.


• Slight fever and headache.
• External vaginal inflammation.
• Itchy skin.
• Cervical inflammation.
• Endometrial inflammation.
• Excessive white discharge.
• Searing heat or pain in the lower abdomen.
• Approximately 1 WOMAN DIES EVERY 2 MINUTES because of cervical cancer - EVERY WOMAN IS AT RISK!



The Love Moon napkin is made of 7 high tech layers - all made from food-grade materials.

1. Premium soft and thin cotton surface for better absorbency which give ultra comfort.
2. Unique Patented ANIONIC STRIP which contains 5800 anion per cubic cm. It works naturally to relieve menstrual discomforts...
3. Ultra soft sterilized and dirt-free cotton layer which enhance freshness.
4. Waler-lock macro-molecule polymer that strongly block the blood or liquid in and keeps the surface dry.
5. Biodegradable food-grade based polygel material made from Corn Starch which provides maximum absorbency per sanitary pad.
6. Air permeable, breathable, and comfortable thin air membrane which allows the air to be absorbed in for ventilation.
7. Specially designed back adhesive which conforms with human ergonomics.

"Unique Characteristics Every Woman Will Love About Love Moon..."

Enhanced Air Ventilation

Patented Anionic Padding (Nature's Way of Eliminating Bacteria)

Highly Absorbent & Prevents Leakage

Stringent Compliance to International Safety Levels

Packaged in hygienic, air tight resealable packets

Our Hi-tech Production Facility ensures highest quality standards

Patented Self Test Kit that determines Genital Health Condition (Provided Free Of Charge in every packet).


Through its principal product, Love Moon Anion sanitary pads, Winalite International has already grown exponentially and received tremendous global recognition.

Winalite International has more than 500,000 business partners globally.

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