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How to become a Winalite Distributor?

The first thing you need to do is to find a Sponsor. Doing this as a business, you will find that it is important to have a supportive sponsor.

If you wish to become Winalite Distributor, please contact me at  winalite-web@hotmail.com and I will contact you back.


New Distributor can choose any of the 4 different entry levels during theire registration.

Please see below how chosing your entry level can set your maximum income limit from gross sales in you down line:

Status First purchase Price Max Income The ability to have gifts from the company
1 Silver Member  50 PV product 56 GBF - 1 case  310 GBF from one branch*  
2 Gold Member 250 PV product  280 GBF - 5 cases  935 GBF from one branch*  
3 Platinum Member  600 PV product    672 GBF - 12 cases  3900 GBF from one branch* yes
4 Diamond Member  1500 PV product  1680 GBF - 30 cases   6200 GBF from one branch* yes and career opportunities

PV=Personal Volume

1 case = 50 PV

* - from four of the five branches (1 of 2, 2/3, 3/4)


What will you get in 1 case (set) of Winalite anion sanitary napkin LOVEMOON?

Day Use                       10 packets by 10 pcs           100 pcs of sanitary napkins

Overnight                      4  packets by 8 pcs              32 pcs of sanitary napkings

Pantiliners                    5 packets by 30 pcs            150 pcs of sanitary napkings

                                                               Total:            282 pcs of sanitary napkings



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WINALITE Com, China, Russia, USA, Canada, UK, DE, India, Africa   winalite-web@hotmail.com

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