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Anion pads reviews

Winalite International's flagship product is "Love moon" anion sanitary Pads, which, besides providing the obvious function of absorption during a woman's menstrual cycle but better because of higher absorbency and being more healthful, is designed to enhance physical health and mental well-being by emitting negative ions (anions) during use.

Ions are electrically charged atoms that can carry a positive or negative charge (anions). Anions are required to sustain life.They have strong absorption capability to absorb micro particles in the air to remove dust. Anions in the air are as important as vitamins are in food. They are given such names as "vitamin of the air," "longevity element" and air Scavenger," among others. When anions aren't accessible to us, our body chemistry changes, which leads to bouts of physical fatigue.

After many years of research, Winalite International successfully developed "Love moon" anion sanitary Pads, which contain anion "chips". Activated by friction of wearing the pads the chips emit anions, which may help reduce stress. The benefits are different to different organs. The anions may help:

  • The respiratory system
  • The Cardiovascular system
  • The nerve system
  • Metabolism
  • The immune system

Anion pads reviews:

I do like "Love Moon" pads, I’ve been using the lovely soft towels for 2 months.  I’ve also noticed some wonderful      changes, my job is less stressful and now I feel more relaxed.  Thank you Love Moon pads – you are fantastic – and I  would recommend these to everybody.

Nataly R. Kent

I have never been so relaxed during my Periods.  I am very sensitive to other types of Sanitary Towels, but when I use Love Moon pads – I have no problems.  Since using Love Moon all my Irritation has gone.  Thank You Love Moon.

Irina S. Hemel Hempstead

I have been searching high and low for organic sanitary towels, and I can say Love Moon is organic, the way that they a constructed and plus the Anion tape make them very special.  They are extremely comfortable and protective.  Lots of my friends spend money on beauty products, but I sometimes think – why not be healthy too – and that’s why I use Love Moon pads.  Thank you Winalite for such a Wonderful product.

Sofia L. St.Albans



"LOVE MOON" Anion pads reviews

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