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Learn About the 7 Layers:

Learn About the 7 layers Anion sanitary napkin Love Moon Winalite



‘Love Moon’
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Layer 1 Soft and comfortable surface with absorption which is twice stronger. Surface of artificial fiber or rough surface of soft.
Layer 2 Anionic tape of world advanced standard and granted with national patent, can effectively get rid of the cause of female genital inflammation: anaerobic bacteria. No such anionic tape or are using medicated tape not recommended by experts.
Layers 3 and 5 Dust-free paper after strict sterilization is used for 360-degree wrapping of the absorbent agent. Paper pulp from recycled items with high level of chemical bleach is used as filling material, or chemical fiber materials are used.
How dreadful it is for the sensitive skin to come into close contact with such kind of materials!
Layer 4 Adequate absorbent agents which are colourless. Low quantity of absorbent materials.
Layer 6 A base film which is permeable to air but not water. Plastic film which is not air permeable.
Layer 7 Adhesive base layer used for food products. Adhesive base layer used for industry.


Comfort Level
Compare to traditional chemical fiber surface or rough cotton surface, "love moon" sanitary napkin's surface is made from cotton that are softer, thinner and more comfy.

Air Permeability
The base of "love moon" anion sanitary napkin is permeable to air but not to water, the hygienic level is greatly enhanced as a result, compare to the traditional air and water impermeable plastic base, "love moon" leaves no room for bacteria multiplication and gynecological diseases.

Water Absorbing Ability
The surface of "love moon" anion sanitary napkin can absorb twice as much as the amount of fluid traditional sanitary napkin can. Sufficient crystal-like particles could hold the penetrated water in, instead of let them side leak or back flow.

Health Protection
"Love moon"anion sanitary napkin has an anion piece inside the cotton setting, which emits high density of anion when used. During the process of anion neutralization, the released oxygen could suppress the major source that causes gynecological diseases. The generation of anaerobe decreases the odds of gynecological diseases and the whole process is chemical free.


the packing of "love moon"anion sanitary napkin adopts the material of aluminum foil. It meets the food hygiene standard. The reusable, easy-pull seal is more likely to be damproof, mildewproof and fungusproof than the other materials. Every piece of napkin is machine packed and sealed in the production line. The hand free process avoids the secondary pollution, guarantees safety and sanitation.

The traditional padding of sanitary napkin is made from paper pulp, which is the outcome of processing recycled substances. During the process, a huge amount of caustic soda, bleaching powder, deodorizer, fluorescer, chemical substances are introduced, which generate large quantity of lead, bacteria and germs. These chemical alkaline would damage skin's acid and alkali balance, and further leads to the propagation of bacteria and infusorian. "love moon" anion sanitary napkin on the other hand, is made form water absorbing particles, fully wrapped by strictly sterilized, dust-free paper. It firmly meets the national hygiene standard.

Base Glue
Traditional sanitary napkin's bases are mostly glued with industrial glue. The reliable glutinosity could not compensate the residual benzene left inside underwear. After the sanitary napkin taken off, this residue would get to user's sensitive area, cause diseases and damage health consequently. The glue used on"love moon"anion sanitary napkin is non-toxic and edible glue.


Learn About the 7 layers Anion sanitary napkin Love Moon Winalite

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