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How to Use?!


Don't forget to activate anions before use. Simply drip a couple of small water drops on the green  strip in the napkin. Thenapkin is ready to use !If you have any health problems, the usage course should be started from Love Moon Anion Overnight napkins.

Then take Love Moon Anion Day use napkins and only then use Love Moon Anion Pantyliners.

One Case of Love Moon Anion napkins (19 packs) = one treatment course.A green strip in "Love Moon Anion" Overnight has the biggest amount of anions, that is why, if you have any health problems, the usage of anionic napkins should be started from this packageIf you want to purchase Winalite products.


                                                                                               Number of Days                      Number of Napkins

  1. Haemorrhoids                                                         7-10                                              from 7-10
  2. Anus fissures                                                          7-10                                              from 7-10
  3. Uterine prolapse Rises about 3 cm after         7 days                                          from 21 
  4. Erosion                                                                      7-14                                              21 - 42
  5. Trichinosis                                                                long                                              from half of Love Moon Case
  6. Urinary tract infections                                          long                                              from half of Love Moon Case
  7. Adenoma in prostate                                              long                                              from one Love Moon Case
  8. Endometriosis                                                          long                                              from two Love Moonn Cases
  9. Irritation & herpes                                                   from 3                                          from 9
  10. Mioma till 12 weeks                                                long                                              from one Love Moon Case
  11. Fibromioma                                                               long                                              2-3 Love Moon Cases
  12. Paraproctitis long                                                                                                           napkin + anion strip as tampon inward
  13. Thermal burn (skin) 56% skin became clean after 3 days                                    cleaned with urine + napkins
  14. Ovarian cysts after 7 days                                                                                             napkins + wash with apple vinegar
  15. Statistics are based on the seminar held by Dr M.S. Ziugajev in Australia. Some medical terms can be inaccurate.

For Men

Men can use Love Moon napkins as well. It can be put in shoes. Anions cure sweating problems and eliminate unpleasant odour. Anions give a cleaning effect for the whole body, energize and fortify general well-being.

Love Moon napkins are effctive in healing Men's Haemorrhoids (!).


It is recommended to put anionic strip on wound or scrapes. It stops bleeding and elliminates bacterias. A wound becomes clean in 24 hours. No signs of inflammation. Pain decreases. Edges pull to each other and pain dissapears after 48 hours. It is recommended to change strip every 2 or 3 hours.

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