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Winalite multi level marketing plan (English version)

Winalite Sales Compensation Plan For Global Markets

Revised version Jul 8, 2011

1. Membership

New distributors can choose any of the 4 different designations at the time of registration:
Silver Member First purchase 50 PV product (1 set)
Gold Member First purchase 250 PV products (5 sets)
Platinum Member First purchase 600 PV products (12 sets)
Diamond Member First purchase 1500 PV products (30 sets)
Membership Upgrade: The membership title designation can be upgraded once and only to the next higher level within 28 days after confirmation of registration with our EC system. The upgrade title entitlement will take effect upon the upgrade order is confirmed.

2. Commission

(I) The Product Introduction Bonus (Weekly)

This bonus is based on the quantity of the first purchase along with the upgrade purchase confirmed by our EC system and to be paid to the direct sponsor. Oversea branches may set the bonus value according to the market situation.

(II) The Multiplier Bonus (Weekly)

1) This Multiplier bonus is based on PV generated from members’ first purchase, upgrade purchase, and maintenance purchase (1PV is equivalent to 1USD)
2) In each working week, the total PV generated by each leg in member’s placement tree is computed. The leg which generates the highest PVs will be considered as the qualifying leg, of which no bonus will be paid but member will receive 10% of the PVs generated from the other legs with lesser PV as the multiplier bonus. (Up to 4 legs maximum)
The calculation is as follow:
The Multiplier Bonus =
2nd Leg Sales Volume (PV) x 10% + 3rd Leg Sales Volume (PV) x 10%+4th Leg Sales Volume (PV) x 10% + 5th Leg Sales Volume (PV) x 10%
Winalite sales compensation plan multi level marketing plan
There is a weekly bonus cap for each designation: (Maximum Payout)
Silver Member       -  max 500 PV per leg
Gold Member         - max 1,500 PV per leg
Platinum Member  - max 6,250 PV per leg
Diamond Member - max 10,000 PV per leg
Designation Weekly Maximum Multiplier Bonus
Silver Member 500PV x 4 legs = 2,000PV  (2000$)
Gold Member 1,500PV x 4 legs = 6,000PV (6000$)
Platinum Member 6,250PV x 4 legs = 25,000PV (25000$)
Diamond Member 10,000PV x 4 legs = 40,000PV (40000$)
The difference between the PV of the qualifying leg and the sum of the smaller legs will be carried over to the next working week.
But there is also a weekly carry-over PV cap for each designation:
Silver Member - 5,000PV
Gold Member - 15,000PV
Platinum Member - 62,500PV
Diamond Member - 100,000PV

(III) The Leadership Bonus (Weekly)

1) Member will receive 10% of the Multiplier Bonus commissions earned by the distributors in your sponsor network up to 3 generations.
For example:
1st generation: Total Multiplier Bonus x 10%
2nd generation: Total Multiplier Bonus x 10%
3rd generation: Total Multiplier Bonus x 10%
2) Qualification Criteria:
• Sponsor 1 to 2 members (regardless of designation) to receive the 1st generation Leadership Bonus.
• Sponsor 3 to 4 members (regardless of designation) to receive the 1st and 2nd generation Leadership Bonus.
• Sponsor 5 or more members (regardless of designation) to receive the 1st, 2nd and 3rd generation Leadership Bonus.
The Leadership Bonus =
Total Multiplier Bonus in 1st Generation x 10%
+ Total Multiplier Bonus in 2nd Generation x 10%
+ Total Multiplier Bonus in 3rd Generation x 10%
Personally Sponsored 1 ~ 2 Member(s) 3 ~ 4 Members 5 & above Members
1st Generation Multiplier Bonus 10% 10% 10%
2nd Generation Multiplier Bonus   10% 10%
3rd Generation Multiplier Bonus     10%
Note:The direct sponsored member must be an active member (not including the pending and signed out member)
3) Leadership Bonus is paid to members who have fulfilled the maintenance requirement.
Members who did not fulfill the maintenance requirement will be compressed out.

(IV) Global Fund (Monthly)

1) Definition: 1% of each month’s total Global Sales PV (except China & HK) will enter into a Pool to be used to calculate the Global Fund. Entitlement will be subdivided into 3 categories:
DSPV reaching 3600PV and above will be entitled to 3 shares
DSPV reaching 2400PV – 3599 PV will be entitled to 2 shares
DSPV reaching 1200PV – 2399 PV will be entitled to 1 share
2) DSPV = Direct Sponsoring PV : All sales PV inclusive of First Purchase, Upgrade, Maintenance & Repeat Purchase generated from the 1st generation in Sponsor Network.
3) The Qualification Criteria of Global Fund: Three conditions must be fulfilled to be entitled to Global Fund:
a. Platinum and above designation.
b. Current month’s maintenance to be fulfilled.
c. The total DSPV of current month must reach 1200 PV and above.
4) The calculation formula of Global Fund:
Global Sales PV(except China & HongKong)×1%  /   (Qualifer Population × Particular Shares)

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